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Ethereum Classic is an open, decentralized, and permissionless public blockchain, that aims to fulfill the original promise of Ethereum, as a platform where smart contracts are free from third-party interference. ETC prioritizes trust-minimization, network security, and integrity. All network upgrades are non-contentious with the aim to fix critical issues or to add value with newly proposed features; never to create new tokens, or to bail out flawed smart contracts and their interest groups.

Significant Activist Hedge Fund Activity (Last 7 Days)

These are the latest Schedule 13D forms filed by activist investors in the last 7 days. Activist investors are investors that make an investment with the intention of influencing management in some way. There is evidence that following activist investors into investments can generate excess returns. Schedule 13G forms, in contrast, are filed by significant investors with no intention of influencing management (such as Index funds).
There is always a lot of interest in insider trades, but what a lot of people probably don't realize is that hedge fund activity is probably more predictive of future returns than insider activity. The reason is that hedge funds (a) have large research budgets, and (b) have a choice where to put their money. In contract, insiders have no choice where to put their money, but only when to time their transactions.

New Filings

This table lists new 13D filings in the last week. A new filing does not necessarily indicate a new position, as investors frequently accumulate in advance before reaching the filing threshold.
Date Form Company Investor Shares Ownership Change
10‑02 13D JHG / Janus Henderson Group plc TRIAN FUND MANAGEMENT, L.P. 18,066,612 9.9%
10‑02 13D IVZ / Invesco Ltd. TRIAN FUND MANAGEMENT, L.P. 45,457,427 9.9%
10‑01 13D ALXO / ALX Oncology Holdings Inc. venBio Global Strategic Fund II L.P. 9,799,331 26.9%
09‑30 13D PRLD / Prelude Therapeutics Incorporated BAKER BROS. ADVISORS LP 10,121,228 31.1%
09‑30 13D CQP / Cheniere Energy Partners, LP BROOKFIELD ASSET MANAGEMENT INC. 204,321,313 42.2%
09‑29 13D GTX / Garrett Motion Inc. Sessa Capital (Master), L.P. 6,912,204 9.1% -6.19
09‑28 13D HYBG / HYB Holding Corp. Rubin David 6,465,442 66.6%
09‑28 13D U / Unity Software Inc. OTEE 2020 ApS 29,514,500 11.2%
09‑28 13D SMMT / Summit Therapeutics plc Zanganeh Maky 5,330,258 7.8% 9.24
09‑28 13D SMMT / Summit Therapeutics plc DUGGAN ROBERT W 46,209,732 64.89% -0.08
09‑28 13D NCNA / NuCana plc Abingworth LLP 3,333,333 6.6%
09‑28 13D MTCR / Metacrine, Inc. New Enterprise Associates 16, L.P. 3,060,527 11.8%
09‑25 13D AHACU / Alpha Healthcare Acquisition Corp. Unit AHAC Sponsor LLC 3,080,000 23.3%
09‑25 13D RST / Rosetta Stone, Inc. GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 880,860 3.58%
09‑25 13D UPP / UPPER ARLINGTON OHIO GO VAR PURP LTD TAX BDS 2015 Mossman Benjamin 1,607,043 5.7%
09‑25 13D ZMTP / Zoom Telephonics Inc. MANNING FRANK BLASE 2,228,273 9.3% -5.10
09‑25 13D LN / LINE Corporation SoftBank Corp. 15,617,335 6.5%
09‑25 13D NUZE / NuZee, Inc. HIGASHIDA MASATERU 5,048,545 33.9%
09‑25 13D NUZE / NuZee, Inc. Eguchi Katsuyoshi 913,576 6.3%

Amended Filings

This table lists amended filings in the last week, and is useful for monitoring changes in existing investments or when a fund closes a position. I have eliminated all filings with less than a 5% change in ownership.
Date Form Company Investor Shares Ownership Change
10‑02 13D/A BW / Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises Inc. B. Riley Financial, Inc. 16,254,342 30.5% 11.72
10‑01 13D/A ASFI / Asta Funding, Inc. STERN GARY 100 100.0% 161.78
10‑01 13D/A PER / SandRidge Permian Trust Montare Resources I, LLC 2,695,363 5.1% 24.39
10‑01 13D/A 12769G100 / CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT INC Recreational Enterprises, Inc. 8,604,325 4.22%
10‑01 13D/A GECC / Great Elm Capital Corp. Great Elm Capital Group, Inc. 5,509,320 25.4% 16.51
10‑01 13D/A AGRX / Agile Therapeutics, Inc. ProQuest Investments III, L.P. 4,219,900 4.8% -73.63
10‑01 13D/A AP / Ampco-Pittsburgh Corp. 2006 Irrevocable Trust of Laura W. Van Loan for the Benefit of Mary M. Crawford 1,948,443 10.26% 92.50
10‑01 13D/A RAPT / RAPT Therapeutics, Inc. COLUMN GROUP II, LP 5,652,997 23.1% -9.77
10‑01 13D/A JFR / Nuveen Floating Rate Income Fund Saba Capital Management, L.P. 6,681,845 11.7% 15.84
10‑01 13D/A GLNG / Golar LNG Ltd. BW Group Ltd 5,642,317 5.77% 8.46
10‑01 13D/A PRNB / Principia Biopharma Inc. GLAXOSMITHKLINE PLC 0 0.0% -100.00
09‑30 13D/A OXY / Occidental Petroleum Corp. ICAHN CARL C 107,932,184 11.37% 5.96
09‑30 13D/A GRSHU / Gores Holdings, Inc. Hostess CDM Co-Invest, LLC 6,632,772 5.1% -7.27
09‑30 13D/A BREW / Craft Brew Alliance, Inc. ANHEUSER-BUSCH COMPANIES, LLC 6,069,047 100.0% 221.54
09‑30 13D/A SGMS / Scientific Games Corp. MacAndrews & Forbes Inc. 13,318,493 14.0% -25.93
09‑30 13D/A CTGO / Contango Ore, Inc. ROYAL GOLD INC 0 0.0% -100.00
09‑30 13D/A RPAY / Repay Holdings Corporation Class A Alias Shaler 3,193,132 4.2%
09‑30 13D/A AHT / Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc. Cygnus Capital, Inc. 1,088,305 8.3% 6.41
09‑30 13D/A SRLP / Sprague Resources LP Hartree Partners, LP 2,086,858 9.1% 12.48
09‑30 13D/A DSNY / Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. VESTERGAARD STEVE 947,899 9.07% -54.65
09‑30 13D/A TSU / TIM Participacoes S.A. TIM S.p.A. 1,611,969,946 66.59%
09‑30 13D/A CXDO / Crexendo, Inc. MIHAYLO STEVEN G 10,506,220 58.4%
09‑29 13D/A SGMS / Scientific Games Corp. MacAndrews & Forbes Inc. 18,018,493 18.9% -34.83
09‑29 13D/A MRNS / Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Domain Partners VI, L.P. 619,221 2.0% -88.89
09‑29 13D/A ALIM / Alimera Sciences, Inc. Domain Partners VI, L.P. 239,394 4.8% -57.89
09‑29 13D/A SALT / Scorpio Bulkers Inc. Scorpio Services Holding Ltd 2,852,751 23.0% 8.49
09‑29 13D/A RMTI / Rockwell Medical, Inc. Richmond Brothers, Inc. 15,249,829 16.1% -19.10
09‑29 13D/A APWC / Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Corporation Ltd. Lonsin Capital Ltd 615,978 4.46% -14.23
09‑29 13D/A IGIC / International General Insurance Holdings Ltd Jabsheh Wasef Salim 17,822,320 34.0%
09‑29 13D/A LOGC / LogicBio Therapeutics Inc Arix Bioscience plc 2,381,436 10.1%
09‑29 13D/A CBL / CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. Exeter Capital Investors, L.P. 11,350,000 5.8% -11.31
09‑29 13D/A SCKT / Socket Mobile, Inc. BASS CHARLIE 1,988,582 28.6%
09‑29 13D/A IMH / Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc. PICKUP RICHARD H. 6,611,956 30.0% 13.64
09‑29 13D/A CNXM / CNX Midstream Partners LP CNX Resources Corp 89,799,224 100.0% 88.32
09‑29 13D/A SCKT / Socket Mobile, Inc. SOCKET MOBILE, INC. 1,988,582 28.6%
09‑28 13D/A GGZ / Gabelli Global Small and Mid Cap Value Trust (The) GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 2,635,429 28.43% 5.57
09‑28 13D/A DEX / Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend & Income Fund Saba Capital Management, L.P. 1,426,601 11.9% 11.21
09‑28 13D/A EFSH / 1847 Holdings, LLC Roberts Ellery 1,448,500 39.51% -10.99
09‑28 13D/A BRFH / Barfresh Food Group Inc. Ibex Investors LLC 22,674,337 15.4%
09‑28 13D/A PER / SandRidge Permian Trust Montare Resources I, LLC 2,133,493 4.1%
09‑25 13D/A TUES / Tuesday Morning Corp. Delta Value Group Investment Partnership, LP 47,905 0.1% -98.29
09‑25 13D/A ONEW / OneWater Marine Inc. Class A Troiano John 481,802 4.79% -49.04
09‑25 13D/A BBW / Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. Philotimo Fund, LP 588,580 3.8% -30.91
09‑25 13D/A TARA / ArTara Therapeutics, Inc. Opaleye Management Inc. 2,508,472 23.86% -36.86
09‑25 13D/A PAE / PAE Incorporated Class A Gores Sponsor III LLC 8,511,019 9.1% -28.35
09‑25 13D/A BDTX / Black Diamond Therapeutics, Inc. Versant Venture Capital VI, L.P. 6,341,251 17.7% -6.35
09‑25 13D/A BREW / Craft Brew Alliance, Inc. GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 1,607,123 8.22% 24.73
09‑25 13D/A LTRX / Lantronix, Inc. HALE MARTIN M JR 1,613,562 5.69% -49.96
09‑25 13D/A VOXX / VOXX International Corp. Kahli Beat 4,310,407 19.9% 5.96
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Monabomber: booby trapped nutella jars and votive candles

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Italians living in Veneto and Friuli were in a panic: somebody was leaving expertly concealed bombs in crowded places, often disguised as household objects, which would explode as soon as they were picked up, severely injuring the victims.
It didn’t take long for journalists to name this unknown person «the Italian Unabomber», associating him to Ted Kaczyinski, the American terrorist who had killed 3 people and injured several others by mailing them explosive packages, between 1978 and 1995.
Not everybody found this nickname appropriate, especially since the similarities between the American Unabomber and the Italian Unabomber are very mild. A journalist proposed changing his nickname to Monabomber, where "mona" is a word that refers to female genitals, but it also means "idiot". He didn’t want the unknown bomber to feel "honored" by the association with Kaczynski.
Not everybody agreed with this idea, as they thought that the nickname did not fit the gravity of the attacks. That being said, I am going to use "Monabomber" in this write up to avoid confusion with the actual Unabomber.
(and also because "didckhead bomber" is funny and fitting)

The attacks started in 1994 and ended in 2006, with a 4 year gap. They all happened in the regions of Veneto and Friuli, in the North East of Italy, most frequently in the comuni of Pordenone and Portogruaro.
The bombs are expertly made, with common, house hold items. His 90’s bombs are mainly pipe bombs — a plumbing tube filled with an azo compound, usually from fertilizers, fireworks and herbicides. After his hiatus, he comes back in 2000 with much more sophisticated bombs, this time made with nitroglycerin, and perfectly hidden in household objects like food jars, pens, and candles.
His preferred locations are very crowded places: churches, beaches, squares. He hits especially during festivities, where more people are likely to gather.
So, the first question is: why? What’s his motive? All of these 31 attacks seem completely random. He does not attack religious or ethnic minorities, nor politicians or law enforcement. He has never contacted police, he has never asked for a ransom or expounded any kind of political belief. Also, his bombs are small and designed to only wound, not kill. So what’s his goal? Wreaking havoc? Some have theorized a religious motive: many of the locations were churches, and most of the attacks happened on Catholic festivities — but it’s also likely that he chose them for their crowdedness.
Investigators assume he is a 35 to 50yo man, native to Friulian area, possibly living in Pordenone. He probably lives alone, allowing him to work on his bombs in peace, and might have an above average knowledge of chemistry and science in general. They also think he might have had some kind of trauma or mental illness.
His four year gap might help identify him. Some have pointed out that the hiatus coincides with the war of Kosovo (1996 - 1999), in which the NATO eventually intervened. Could he have been one of the many American soldiers stationed at the Aviano Air Base, only 15 minutes away from Pordenone, who fought in the Kosovo war?

That said, let’s get into the timeline of these attacks. I suggest you give it a read, as the way some of the bombs were concealed is crazy.
21 August (Sacile, in Pordenone). It’s the day of the Sagra degli Osei, an ancient fair dedicated to songbirds. The fair attracts around 50.000 people annually. At 10:45pm, Daniela Pasquali is enjoying the fair with her family when she notices a 12 inches long tube, on the ground near a bush. She picks up the tube and it explodes in her hand, injuring her and two of her children. Investigators immediately think of ALF, a Pordenonese animal rights group which had heavily criticized the fair for trading songbirds, and which had already committed "extremist" acts like mass freeing farm animals — but the group has always proudly reclaimed these acts by signing their name with graffiti. Local skinheads were also investigated, but nothing came out of it.
17 December (Pordenone). Another similar contraption, hidden under a hedge, goes off in front of a supermarket, at closing time. A girl is slightly injured by glass shards from a window.
18 December. (Aviano, in Pordenone). Another bomb hiding beneath a bush goes off in front of the church of Santa Maria e Giuliano, right as the parishioners are leaving mass. Nobody is injured.
5 March (Azzano Decimo, Pordenone). It’s Carnival day and many people are partying on the streets. Two tubes explode, only 300ft apart, but they’re barely noticed due to the loud music. Nobody is injured.
30 September (Pordenone). Seventy years old Anna Pignat is cleaning the sidewalk in front of her house, when she notices a 10.000 lire banknote (less than 6 dollars) on the ground next to a metallic tube. She picks up the money and the tube explodes in her face, severely injuring her — she, unfortunately, lost her right arm and suffered horrible injuries to her face.
On the same day, a few streets away, another woman picks up a tube, which does not explode due to a malfunction. After hearing about Anna Pignat, she brings it to the carabinieri, who set it off without sending it to be analyzed.
11 December (Aquileia, Udine). A telephone cabin explodes. Nobody is injured.
24 December (Latisana, Udine). Another cabin explodes. Nobody is injured.
26 December (Bibione, Venezia). Another bomb goes off on the very popular beach of Bibione. Nobody is injured.
2 April (Claut, Pordenone). Another attack. There’s little info about it.
22 April (Bannia, Pordenone). Another attack with little info.
4 August (Bibione, Venezia). At 6am, a lifeguard and his colleague notice a 20 inch tube on the ground. They pick it up and it, fortunately, doesn’t explode. One of them tries to open one of the sides of the tube, when suddenly a flame erupts. He throws it away, assuming it must be some childish prank, and only tells the police later that night, when he hears about another attack.
On that same day, on the beaches of Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine), only 1.8 miles away from Bibiano, a tourist, Roberto Curcio, opens a public beach umbrella, from which falls a metallic tube. He picks it up and it explodes in his hand, mutilating his fingers and damaging his femoral artery, causing a severe hemorrhage. The tube was wrapped in a recent edition of a Pordenonese newspaper.
1996 — 2000
The Monabomber goes on a 4 year long hiatus.
6 March (San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone). The attacks start again, with two new elements: the bombs are expertly disguised as normal objects, and the intended victims seem to be kids. An unexploded bomb is found inside a serpentine streamer, a party accessory, on the day of the city Carnival.
6 July (Lignano Sabbiadoro, Udine). Giorgio Novelli, a retired carabiniere, picks up a 12 inch tube on the beach of Lignano. He is severely injured and ends up in a coma, from which he fortunately recovers. The bomb did not go off immediately, but only after the man had already walked 1300 feet — it’s probable that it had some kind of timer, activated by movement. It also seemed to be water resistant. Once again children are assumed to be the intended victims: the area of the beach where the tube was found was close to a summer camp.
13 September (San Stino di Livenza, Venezia). Another tube bomb, hidden inside a vineyard, explodes during a grape harvest, injuring the foot of a woman.
31 October (Portogruaro). A man buys an egg carton at the supermarket "Continente" of Portogruaro. When he brings it home, he notices wires coming from the carton. He contacts the police, who find that one of the eggs had been boiled, cut in half, filled with an explosive device and glued back together before being put on the shelf again.
This egg is an essential piece of evidence, as it contained not only one of Monabomber’s hairs, but also his saliva, as he had probably cut the adhesive tape on the bomb with his teeth.
1 November (San Stino di Livenza, Venezia). Another tube is found in the same vineyard as the one before. Nobody is injured.
7 November (Portogruaro). Nadia Ros purchases a tube of tomato paste from the same super market, Continente. While cooking, she grabs the tube and tries to pour it in the pan, but nothing is coming out; she presses on it as hard as she can, and the tube explodes, severely injuring her left hand. The bomb was disguised extremely well — to avoid unsealing the top, Monabomber opened the tube from the bottom, and then rolled it up again to conceal it.
At this point, L.E. goes back to the Continente and searches it as best as it can, even employing a metal detector.
17 November (Portogruaro). Despite these searches, another bomb is found inside a product of Continente, this time inside a tube of mayonnaise. Fortunately, the customer noticed that the tube was "unusually hard", and informed L.E.
2 November (Motta di Livenza, Treviso). On All Soul’s Day, 64yo Anita Buosi was asked to take care of the cemetery’s funeral decoration. She notices a votive candle that she didn’t remember placing, and that was different from all the other ones. She picks it up and it immediately explodes, severely injuring her hands and right eye.
23 July (Porcia, Pordenone). A supermarket is attacked again, this time the IperStanda of Pordenone, where a woman purchased a jar of Nutella. As she struggled to remove the lid, she noticed smoke coming from the jar. She placed it on her windowsill, where it exploded without injuring anybody.
2 September (Pordenone). The Monabomber becomes more and more bold in targeting children. A 5 year old boy is injured after he opened a bottle of soap bubbles. The toy had been purchased only a few moments before by his mother at a shopping center.
25 December (Cordenons, Pordenone). During a Christmas Midnight Mass, a tube bomb explodes on top of a confessional in the church of Santa Maria Maggiore. The church was immediately evacuated by off duty cops, and nobody was injured. It’s interesting to note that the bomb did not explode by being picked up, but by a timer, which set off at exactly 00:10, the start of Mass.
24 March (Pordenone). A bomb goes off in the men’s bathroom of Pordenone’s courthouse, close to the office of Domenico Labozzetta, one of the people working on the Monabomber case — this is the first and only time the authorities are targeted. The bomb seems to have been set off by a timer, activated by the toilet flush. Fortunately, nobody was injured.
The courthouse was an easy target, as there were no checks at the entrance and no metal detectors. Not even the CCTV cameras were useful: the tape was too damaged. The only thing left are the sightings of a man in a dark jacket, of "middle height", hanging around the men’s bathroom.
25 April (Fagare della Battaglia, Treviso). The 25th of April is Liberation Day, a very important Italian holiday. Nine year old Francesca Girardi is at a picnic with her family when she notices a brand new yellow highlighter laying on the ground. She removes the cap, causing a huge explosion which maimed three of her fingers and permanently damaged her right eye. Once again, the location of the bomb was very popular with families and young children.
2 April (Portogruaro). During the Easter period, a cleaning lady of the Church of Sant’Agnese notices that one of the kneeling stools has been cut open. She sticks her finger in the cut and retrieves a 2 inch object, which resembles a lighter. She shows it to the priest, who assumes it’s an April Fools prop, but eventually becomes suspicious and calls the police. Experts confirm that the object is a nitroglycerin based bomb, which was set to explode when somebody knelt on the stool.
26 January (Treviso). While on a school trip, a middle school boy notices two Kinder Surprise Eggs laying on the ground. Him and his friends start playing soccer with them, when he kicks one of the eggs against a wall and it explodes, without injuring anybody. The bomb was set to go off after being opened; the other egg did not contain a bomb, but a normal toy.
13 March (Motta di Livenza, Treviso). At the end of Sunday Mass, six year old Greta is severely wounded after turning on an electric votive candle in the Church of San Nicola. According to the priest, the candles had been replaced that exact morning, giving the Monabomber little time to add his booby-trapped candle — unless he had access to the candles before they reached the church.
«If I find him, I’ll show him… You don’t do these things», said little Greta.
An interesting thing about this attack: R.I.S. Delitti Imperfetti is an Italian CSI/Law & Order style TV series, and their first season was loosely inspired by the Monabomber; only two months before, the second episode aired, in which a priest is injured after lighting a booby trapped candle. People were worried that the show might be "glorifying" his actions or even inspiring them — although this isn’t the first time he used a votive candle. In fact, he used a candle in this exact same town, in 2001. Maybe the Monabomber was trying to "respond" to the show?
16 March (Bacau, Romania — yes, you read that right). A Romanian Catholic convent from Bacau finds an explosive device in a can of mackerels — the bomb was fortunately defective. An year earlier, the nuns had received a few boxes of food and gifts from their sister convent in Concordia Sagittaria, Italy. The Italian nuns had purchased those boxes from a supermarket in Portogruaro, and the Romanian nuns were slowly eating through them, until they got to a box of mackerels which they struggled to open. When they saw the device inside, they contacted their sister convent who contacted Italian L.E.
9 July (Portogruaro). A woman picks up her bike from the train station’s bike rack, where she had parked it for more than a week while she was away. As she sits on it, something falls from underneath the saddle: a nitroglycerin bomb, which had been fortunately neutralized by the rain.
6 May (Caorle, Venezia). The Monabomber targets a popular beach again. A couple walking on the beach picks up what appears to be a message in a bottle. The man, Massimiliano Bozzi, attempts to open it, and the bottle explodes, severely wounding him. It seems that Monabomber did not leave the bottle in that place specifically, but rather threw it in another side of the river and let the currents take it somewhere else.

Andrea Agostinis. On the August 5 1996, after the Lignano beach attack, the ANSA (a news agency) receives an anonymous phone call which claims that the attacks were done by "17 November" (or 17N), a Greek far left terrorist organization, which had recently (and falsely) claimed two other bomb attacks in the United States.
But before ANSA can break out the news, they’re surprised by someone else doing it before them: Andrea Agostinis, a 39 year old who teaches technical drawing in a high school in Friuli; Agostinis had mentioned the 17N’s declaration of responsibility during a radio show, before ANSA made it public. The man, who also dabbled in journalism and writing, was the only self proclaimed Italian expert on 17N — just days before the attack, he had published a lengthy article about the group.
The investigators look into Agostinis, believing he might be the Monabomber trying to mislead them, but they quickly realize that the teacher is just "eccentric": he claimed that he was being personally harassed by 17N, which had actually secretly turned into a Muslim extremist organization — one of their members had allegedly tried to shoot Agostinis while he was jogging. He also believed that they could find the culprit though a kabbalah analysis of the number 17 and 11. Agostinis was quickly dismissed as a suspect when no actual proof tying him to the case was found.
Elvo Zornitta. On 26 May 2004, investigators search the house of aeronautics engineer Elvo Zornitta from Pordenone, after another suspect had described him as a "bomb expert". They find household items that were compatible with items used by Monabomber, like empty BIC pens and bottles of a popular brand of vanilla essence, both of which had been used by the bomber. They also find firecrackers that were missing their gun powder — Zornitta justified them by saying that he had tried to DIY a firework fountain, which didn’t work out.
But the investigators’ hope is short lived: the DNA found in the egg from 2000 did not match Zornitta. Plus, the man had a solid alibi for at least two of the attacks.
L.E. doesn’t give up and instead theorizes that Zornitta had accomplices. They test his family, friends and colleagues, but none of them match the DNA. Zornitta and his family are put under tight surveillance, during which Monabomber commits five more attacks undisturbed.
In October of 2006, they think they have a breakthrough: the cuts on one of the component’s of the 2004 bomb are compatible with a pair of scissors that had been retrieved from Zornitta’s house.
Zornitta's defense lawyer requests another toolmark analysis, especially of the very first pictures taken of the bomb in 2004. What they find is shocking: no cuts were found in the first pictures - the cuts had been added after the scissors had been retrieved from Zornitta's house. The blame falls on Ezio Zernar, the investigator who had "found" the cuts in the first place. Zernar is sentenced to two years for forging evidence, and Zornitta is officially dismissed as a suspect in 2009.
The Monabomber remains unknown.
bare bones english wiki article)
quick italian article about it
first article about agostinis
a interview with agostinis(ok i really hope these links work. for some reason, they are now giving me an error while they were perfectly working before....i think my free trial expired?? please let me know if anything shows up when you click on them)
2005 church attack priest confirming the candles were changed that morning
article about the romanian nuns
article about ezio zernar's forgery
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Went down the rabbit hole of official Chinese news sources today: situation is still dire in Wuhan right now (also Baoji, Xianxi and Zhengzhou, Henan suspiciously so). - LONG post

After a deleted post on an Apple Daily (4th in Public Evaluation on Media Credibility out of 33 paid/free papers and online media in HK) article abt whistleblowing Wuhan docs from makeshift hospitals - corroborated by RTHK (phone interviews), (warm to China in pandemic) Thailand Medical News and Radio Free Asia (and banned from Coronavirus for 3 days) ('cause 1/3 videos mentioned I embedded another link to was tweeted by sb I didn't know is in Falun Gong (easier for others w/ Eng subtitles),
I decided to spend a day digging through articles by PRC-run/owned media (all archived below) to see if it checks out.
Please read my validated prediction posted on Mar 6 first:
Mar 6 I worry seeing people heading out again, and fewer are wearing masks the last few days. Many flights from Shenzhen and Guangzhou to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanking, Hangzhou from 17:15 today were canceled due "public safety" concerns regarding the epidemic, confirmed by China Southern Airlines. Yet those departing from SH, HZ, and Chungking remained unaffected.
Shenzhen Airport posted an obligatory denial, but my Spidey sense says a 2nd wave just swept across two largest urban centers in S. China next to HK, which just resumed prod. Hoping for the best in 2 weeks since just <20,000 people cross into HK every day and most try their best to get around the bullshit self-quarantine.
14-day Quarantine for Arrivals from mainland China 65,943 Compulsory Quarantine Orders / 390 + Warning Ltrs (Mar 19)
Change in HK Case # Mar 18: +15.0% / Mar 20: +23.0% / Mar 22: +15.7% / Mar 23: +12.3% / Mar 25: HK needs lockdown measures by weekend: expert
May 27: China says BioEasy test kits'd have been >80% sensitive if Spain/Czechia used the right way * Mar 25: 80% error rate in 150K test kits sold to Czechs
Mar 26: Indian journo tweeted abt pressure to peddle Chinese gov't propaganda, fearing for their lives/careers. Another by WION#Current_team) Exec Editor, after hosting only int'l news prime-time Gravitas: Wuhan Coronavirus: China's propaganda franchisees
Mar 24: Misleads public crediting TCM for >90% recovery among 74,187 used nationally - adv. over W. med; "3 herbal meds + 3 decoctions"
Mar 23: 3,276 deaths/81,649 confirmed; asymptomatic cases not reported until onset since Feb 7 - DW * Fake health certs sold on Taobao to help board int'l flights
Mar 23: No hospital'd take one of Wuhan makeshift hospital patients "discharged" and now relapsed - RTHK * Feb 23: Contradiction abt 0 new cases 'tween Wuhan MHC and CCTV News
Mar 23: Article on Hubei state-run media journo whistleblowing on WeChat deleted
Mar 23: JPCM's Notice to Suspend Departure of Medical Asst. Teams from Wubei
Mar 22: EXCLUSIVE: ~1000 Chinese students in N. Ame WeChat grp broadbast transit flights info in Taipei: We must blame it on Taiwan for any outbreak - SET News
Chengdu 3/20 imported case: 55 F; FL resident from Jintang, Chengdu, Xichuan
JAX - (3/15) DL1664 - JFK - (3/15) DL870 - SFO - (3/16) CI3 - TPE - (3/17) CI551 - CTU
China HK Taiwan
Students abroad ~662,100 36,000 + 5,000 71,221
Imported (Mar 13 -) 554 252+10 (close contacts) 215
Mar 20: Xinhua News Agency tweeted "senators knew enough to dump stocks" #Trumpandemic after Dr. Yuen retracted column on the pandemic's Wuhan origin under social media and gov't pressure.* Tencent IEG CTO Milo Yip, posting retracted column for discussion, was wrestled into deleting Twitter by online mob
Mar 21: China VP and tycoon Ren Zhiqiang gone missing - RFI
Mar 21: Pre-print paper corr. China's cases to 700,000+ as of Mar 13 using Korea as benchmark Mar 17: Leaked pages from official Feb death list \* Mar 15-21: Wuhan traffic 30% less than avg
Mar 20: China Rewrites History of Silenced Dr. Li Wenliang - VICE (legit investigative journo)
Feb 28: Quarantined Wuhan Spiderwoman Climbs 8/F Down - Live Leak after 1, 2, 3, 4
More news updates here.

Here is what I read abt Wuhan (follow my thought process to connect the dots):
Sorry only translated the Nanguo article, but Google Translation is legible enough to gauge if everything adds up. Baidu (Chi Google/Wiki) links swapped for Wikipedia links (Eng if available).
  1. I first saw a tweet abt 3-4 extra phases of makeshift hospitals being built in Jinzhou, Liaoning, then another abt bodies kept being carried around in Erzhou, the city east of Wuhan
  2. But since it is a vid by New Tang Dynasty TV, founded by Falun Gong folks, it is likely half-truth (they did break news of SARS in China 3 weeks before Beijing owned up), and we don't know Erzhou resident Mr. Liu, so I searched for the first news article shown at 1:07
  3. It's on 104 members of the 4th batch of Guangxi Medical Asst Team (served in a makeshift hospital in Zhuankou, SE Wuhan) returning to the city by Nanguo Morning Post (under state-run Guangxi Daily) on Mar 14. "Signed up for a new battle" 4 days after the last mission, when there were supposedly few new cases. The warlike tone throughout doesn't sound like a wind-down in Wuhan.
  4. But why an article on Sohu abt the same news story with more details curiously deleted from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University Hospital News? Them solemnly signing up after a team meeting, shown in this article, adds to the gravity to the situation, so who else can't leave/have to join Wuhan?
  5. Looked for more on the West Campus of Wuhan Union Hospital (an anti-pandemic State Key Hospitals where this team was sent). Turned out at least three more teams are reassigned after mere 24 hours of R&R (hardly enough after weeks of lost sleep), when Wuhan should be well on its way to resume full prod, accord. to Qianjiang Evening News (only provincial evening paper in Zhejiang) published online by The Paper on Mar 19.
  6. It says in the wee hours of Mar 17, 140 and 170 members of two Zhejiang (2nd-hardest hit province) Medical Asst Teams from Zhejiang University School of Medicine affiliated hospitals rec'd re-enlistment texts to report to the West Campus, followed by 142 on the third team from Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital dispatched to Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital ICU (Ward 1 alone has 11 patients, 6 on ECMO, 3 on CRRT).
  7. Read this report by Changjiang Daily (under Wuhan Municipal Committee; largest newspaper in central China) on Mar 15 closely, the Cancer Center of Wuhan Union Hospital (where the first two Zhejiang teams served) transferred COVID-19 patients to its West Campus on Mar 13-15. On Mar 14, 300 of the 3rd batch of Anhui Medical Asst Team joined West Campus ICU after a 5-day break.
  8. Wait...Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital is not one of the 7 (actually 13 since one is a grp of 7 in the same district) State Key Hospitals left receiving mild cases (see Pt 6).
  9. 850 beds, 126 patients in 1st batch admitted on Feb 13; 1,022 recovered over 32 days till Mar 15. So how many dead, how many transferred? Only 12 from Cancer Center to 9/F ICU West Wing in West Campus among all those moved on Mar 13-15 are acc'ted for. Then on Mar 15 3 pm, the Cancer Center celebrated discharge of the last 7 COVID-19 patients and another 15 to be transferred to Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital and the West Campus, so it can reopen 500 wards to cancer patients.
  10. Now a tweet by Radio Free Asia (NGO funded by US gov't indt. agency U.S. Agency for Global Media) today shows >30 patients lining up outside of Fever Clinic of Wuhan Union Hospital on Mar 18, who a nearby resident said many tested COVID-19 +ve.
  11. They shouldn't be waiting outside if they're patients transferred/discharged from makeshift hospitals. And not when it's been a while fever cases last queued up at different facilities. National TV coverage doesn't go against NHC started blaming the Hunan AC Milan fan and overseas Chinese (students) flying back, ordering everyone crossing provincial lines to self-financed tests and 14-day isolation camps.
1,200 beds and 700+ staffs at West Campus, 715 recalled to assist; plus at least 30+ patients flocked to the Fever Clinic since Mar 18; but China still says it's all fine and dandy, poised to teach 14 Dutch hospitals its ways, as shown by CGTN (by state-owned CCTV).
More on Baoji, Shaanxi :
  1. A search for news on Mar 12 (when the Guangxi team applied for assignment) abt the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism led me to an article on their visit to the Baoji Central Hospital and the opening of its isolation wards
  2. But then on Mar 16, Science and Technology Daily (run by Ministry of Sci & Tech) reported 0 new cases in Shaanxi since Feb 21 and the last COVID-19 patient at Baoji Central Hospital was discharged back on Mar 4...
  3. What about top news on Mar 12 in Baoji, Shaanxi? China Business Network (under state-run Radio and TV Station of Shanghai) reported that Biaoji Municipal General Office issued then retracted at 7pm 15 housing and construction policies, inc. Article 12: all banks have to lower down payment as much as possible, and max. of Housing Provident Fund Loans are raised from 400K RMB to 500K RMB
  4. So I checked the topic of the Mar 13 press briefing by the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council: domestic infection control to retain foreign trade and investment...hmm
  5. Then People's Daily (official newspaper of CCCPC) picked it up and reported on Mar 17 that all visitors entering/residents returning to Shaanxi are subj to DNA tests,14-day concentration camp quarantine, and all expenses incurred.
  6. Public now complain to official media on Weibo abt being forced into isolation camp (4,200-7,000 RMB/14 days), even just from Wenzhou to Taizhou within Zhejiang. Someone did skip it after media friends' pressure at PKX back from Malaysia though.
Last but not least, Zhengzhou, Henan:
  1. Home of "Zhengzhou Poison King" Guo Waipeng, who possibly infected 40,000 around the world on 6 flights, 1 trip on High Speed Rail and 1 on reg. train. According to Orient Today: Guo flew from PEK - (Mar 1) EY889 - AUH (Mar 2) EY81 - MXP for the postponed Juventus' Coppa Italia semi vs. his fav AC Milan (Mar 4) - (Mar 6) EY88 - AUH - (Mar 7 0850 arrival) EY888 - PEK - complete mov't till he was caught lying after a fever and a +ve test (abt travel history, when confronted, abt not knowing Italy is infected from news before trip) and sent to hospital on Mar 10.
  2. But how could a dispatched labor in the law enforcement branch of Zhengzhou Transport Bureau afford a lavish 7-day trip of 24,000+ km? China Times (Taiwan) Chief Contributing Writer Huang Chuang-shia suggested Guo couldn't have been let out for a roundtrip in disease-ridden Europe when there were <10 new cases in China unless on a covert mission.
  3. News with inciting title widely covered (~251,000 Google News search results in Chinese as of Mar 19).
  4. Then China News Agency (2nd-largest state-owned press agency) framed it as a standalone case of impairing public health (culpable negligence) ruining national infection control effort (0 new cases for 12 days in Henan), for which Henan HQ Office for NCP Prevention and Control issued an emergency directive on Mar 12. Henan Provincial Public Security Dept reported 6,757 cases investigated and handled so far.
  5. On Mar 17, Xinhua News Agency (largest state-owned press agency) further drove the national narrative: NHC changes strategies to fend off imported cases among swarms of returning overseas Chinese (students). Main pts inc: protect Wubei (Wuhan) and ensure safety of Beijing, strengthen border health and quarantine efforts, adopt all measures to prevent/control COVID-19 in prod resumption, gradually resume normal medical services, and collab more with int'l org (WHO, EU, etc. - exc. the US) for breakthroughs in clinical research.
  6. A video by state-run Lhasa TV (Tibet) posted Mar 16 evening went viral: "You weren't here to build your home and motherland, but the quickest to spread the virus and enjoy benefits. We, China, do not support you giant babies."
Anchor Zhu Guangquan's censure:
  1. flying back for free med treatment after paying taxes for yrs to the US (apology later from Weibo user for fake post inspired by a similar news story on Mar 14 in Beijing)
  2. lying about travel history to evade quarantine in Henan (Taiwanese group MedPartner's query as to why Guo could afford such lavish trip)
  3. whining to infection control staff abt deprived human rights because a Chinese student returned from Italy should have mineral (not tap) water in hotel room under quarantine
After sifting through much, my conclusion is to warn as many people as I can abt CCP's sophisticated propaganda and the 2nd wave of COVID-19 outbreak. The US (never actually banned them) and others need to ban Chinese flights NOW .
CCP is not completely evil, but repeatedly shows no hesitation to benefit/harm others for its "face" & potential gains, e.g. rips Italy off selling 8M masks at 13.25 RMB (1.72 EUR) apiece because 26.4/31 tons of med supplies from the infamous Red Cross Society of China (governed by PRC's 1993 Red Cross Law) donation were earmarked to overseas Chinese.
China is now lying abt 0 new local case; resuming all prod w/ a task force coordinating 24/7; giving out <45,500 urns in Wuhan for Tomb-sweeping Fest (Apr 4) - AsiaNews
and lifting travel curbs on Hubei (Mar 24), inc. Wuhan (Apr 8),
Healthy residents will be allowed to leave from 12am Tue (Mar 24)
when at night of Mar 19
169 Hubei workers already arrived at Shenzhen North Station on Train G4315, greeted by HR & Social Security Bureau in SZ, where 16,703 workers are rec'd via chartered trains by Mar 18.
Until it's projecting holograms of the dead for news and blame it all on imported cases anyway.
submitted by k_e_luk to China_Flu [link] [comments]

SCStat - Weekly Charts #201

Top Orgs by Actual Members
Rank Spectrum ID Name Members Affiliates Total AMMAS
1 TEST Test Squadron - Best Squardon! 10409 9123 19532 1286
2 ADI Atlas Defense Industries 6883 34 6917 6849
3 XPLOR Xplor! - One small step for a man 4918 8382 13300 -3464
4 CORP The Corporation 4784 6463 11247 -1679
5 IMPERIUM Imperium 4034 38 4072 3996
6 NOVAEN NOVA Intergalactic 3916 1 3917 3915
7 KRT Das Kartell 2880 0 2880 2880
8 TBSI Black Star Initiative 2494 48 2542 2446
9 UOLTT LTT Conglomerate 2326 729 3055 1597
10 DRACUL Order Of The Dragon 2152 0 2152 2152
Top Orgs by Total Members
Rank Spectrum ID Name Members Affiliates Total AMMAS
1 TEST Test Squadron - Best Squardon! 10409 9123 19532 1286
2 XPLOR Xplor! - One small step for a man 4918 8382 13300 -3464
3 CORP The Corporation 4784 6463 11247 -1679
4 ADI Atlas Defense Industries 6883 34 6917 6849
5 OPPF Operation Pitchfork 691 4829 5520 -4138
6 IMPERIUM Imperium 4034 38 4072 3996
7 NOVAEN NOVA Intergalactic 3916 1 3917 3915
8 EVILORG Evil Organized 519 3077 3596 -2558
9 SRN Serenity 667 2560 3227 -1893
10 UOLTT LTT Conglomerate 2326 729 3055 1597
Top Orgs by Weekly Growth
Rank Spectrum ID Name Added Members Affiliates Total AMMAS
1 EVILORG Evil Organized 26 519 3077 3596 -2558
2 NOVAEN NOVA Intergalactic 22 3916 1 3917 3915
3 SYNCH Synchronizerz 22 1347 642 1989 705
4 TBSI Black Star Initiative 11 2494 48 2542 2446
5 ITALIA Alleanza Astrale 8 993 310 1303 683
6 UEMC United Earth Mining Corporation 7 417 502 919 -85
7 FAGAL Forces Arm�es Galactiques 6 532 7 539 525
8 ARMCO Armitage Free Company 5 1145 476 1621 669
9 VNGD Vanguard ?\ /? 5 378 142 520 236
10 LUG Linux Users Group 5 504 710 1214 -206
Top Orgs by AMMAS
Rank Spectrum ID Name Members Affiliates Total AMMAS
1 ADI Atlas Defense Industries 6883 34 6917 6849
2 IMPERIUM Imperium 4034 38 4072 3996
3 NOVAEN NOVA Intergalactic 3916 1 3917 3915
4 KRT Das Kartell 2880 0 2880 2880
5 TBSI Black Star Initiative 2494 48 2542 2446
6 DRACUL Order Of The Dragon 2152 0 2152 2152
7 UOLTT LTT Conglomerate 2326 729 3055 1597
8 TURBOR TURBOR Corporation 1743 225 1968 1518
9 TADVANCE Tactical Advance 1339 11 1350 1328
10 TEST Test Squadron - Best Squardon! 10409 9123 19532 1286
Worst Orgs by AMMAS
Rank Spectrum ID Name Members Affiliates Total AMMAS
1 OPPF Operation Pitchfork 691 4829 5520 -4138
2 XPLOR Xplor! - One small step for a man 4918 8382 13300 -3464
3 EVILORG Evil Organized 519 3077 3596 -2558
4 SRN Serenity 667 2560 3227 -1893
5 TABOO TABOO [ Black Trade Network ] 257 1941 2198 -1684
6 CORP The Corporation 4784 6463 11247 -1679
7 MARKET Market Hub 93 1649 1742 -1556
8 SPACETRADE SPACE TRADE [Website,TS 3, Companies, Insignias] 121 1431 1552 -1310
10 AVOCADO Evocati - NDA 696 1853 2549 -1157
AMMAS stands for Actual Members Minus Affiliates Score
For live statistics, visit
Thanks Lindynet for all the statistics work prior. You are an inspiration and valued citizen of the ‘verse. Fly high, and safe travels friend.
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So I clicked on cookie options...

This is the complete list of third party trackers on that site, all 594 of them, omg wtf:
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Krasnacht Transmission #4: La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

Welcome to our fourth transmission for the mod! This transmission will, like the last one, be ‘lite’, as we’re not a very large team and we have other commitments, and what with the chaos of recent weeks… well, you get it. This is the second transmission in our series providing an overview on and background lore of the socialist nations of north and western Europe (later full reports will contain trees, events - these shall not). We started with France and Britain, and today we continue with the Italian Socialist Republic and the Iberian Federation. Enjoy!


Pronto e saludi! This is Fenia, here to describe the history and lore of the Italian Socialist Republic!
In 1936, the Italian Socialist Republic and its syndicalist government sprawled across the north of Italy; from the French border to the Adriatic, from the Po to the Tiber. Its President, Palmiro Togliatti, sat atop the complicated web of trade unions and bureaucrats that had coalesced around his party, the USI. However in January of that very year, the edifice of Italian politics would be shaken by an event in its neighbor; the Glorieuse Nivose, that efflorescence of revolutionary zeal that undid the trade bureaucracy in France. Fearful of a similarly revolutionary wave spreading to Italy, Togliatti’s government implemented a few token reforms, restricting aspects of the bureaucracy and banning the national syndicalists of Mussolini, who fled to the Italian Republic across the River Po.
However, the incomplete nature of the reforms proves incapable of deflecting quite a lot of disdain for Togliatti among the ‘left-wing’ of his party, including his former allies such as Antonio Gramsci and Amadeo Bordiga, and old rivals like Angelo Tasca. By the end of January 1936, the factions of the USI were broken into three different parties: the Marxists of L’Ordine Nuovo (Gramsci, Bordiga, Tasca, Bombacci, among others) who formed the PCd’I (short for Partito Comunista d’Italia; Communist Party of Italy), the anarchists, syndicalists, and anarcho-syndicalists who kept the mantle and legacy of the USI, and the right-wing of Togliatti that - while dominant - chose to break with the USI and join with the likes of Giacomo Matteotti, Giuseppe Romita, Gaetano Salvemini and Olindo Vernocchi in the PSI
Publically, President Togliatti stood with the anti-bureaucratic revolution in France, but behind closed doors, the man derided such “rabble-rousing”. He did, however, see the writing on the wall; war was coming, a great revolutionary war that Italy would have to throw its weight into just as its brothers and sisters in France and Britain would. The Italian government, realizing its relatively small manpower pool compared to its very industrialized core for Emilia-Romagna and Torino, chose to focus on building up a small, albeit highly trained, specialized, and mechanized, elite army.
By September of 1939, war had broken out in western Europe. The Habsburg monarchy was obligated to join in support of the German war effort, but when the question of the involvement of the Italian Republic came up, President Gronchi staunchly refused. In a public speech during the first month of the war, he declared that no blood would be spilt by Italians fighting amongst themselves. Austria was powerless to directly intervene; if they were to outright invade the Republic or overthrow its government, then the entire population would see the Austrians as their enemy, handing over the land behind the Po to the socialists. In the end, the Po remained peaceful, socialist soldiers eyeing across the river with skepticism. With this free hand open to them, socialist forces marched into the territory controlled by the reactionary Papacy and the German-backed Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. After a year of rugged mountain combat, the whole of the southern Italian boot was under socialist control, with Pope Pius XII dead from the siege of Rome. By late 1940, however, the war stalled, with the combined imperialist navy blocking any attempt at an invasion of Sicily. Unable to progress further, for the time being, the focus of the Italian forces turned to the occupation and establishment of socialism throughout southern Italy. Under their protection, workers’ councils established themselves autonomously throughout the cities and villages of the Mezzogiorno.
Electing not to send Italian troops to the French front with Germany, Togliatti’s decision - though initially viewed poorly by both INFOR high command and Italian politicians, further galvanizing a lot of Togliatti’s opposition - came to an advantage after developments north of the Po unfolded in 1943, with the Italian army poised and prepared to strike quickly. The government of Austria, a crumbling and archaic structure, propped up by the northern Kaiserreich and held together only by compromise after compromise, was finally put out of its misery by the German military government, with a group of Völkisch radicals seizing control of Vienna at the behest of Berlin in 1943. The Habsburgs’ empire began to collapse in on itself, and the already unstable situation in the Balkans plunged into chaos. Italo Balbo, the leader of the Associazione Nazionalista Italiana, returned to Milan following the Fiume Declaration of Nations Oppressed by Austria with Poglavnik Ante Pavelic. With the stroke of a pen, control of the Italian Republic was snatched from the unpopular Austrian-backed government, hoping to wage the war against Socialism in their own way. Seizing the opportunity, socialist forces crossed the Po, finally avenging their defeat on that same river more than 20 years ago, and occupied Milan and Venice in the span of slightly more than a month, with Milan falling to socialist workers’ militias rising up against the ANI on the 17th of December, with Venezia following it a month and a day after. The push truly started in earnest at the Alps, with the Arditi del Popolo taking Trento and Bolzano, as the more ‘conventional’ army took portions of Istria.
In mid-1944, with the Alpine forces of the Italian army thrusting into Austria, a window of opportunity, to strike at Palermo, was opened - the order was given to finish off the Bourbon Kingdom of Sicily. In the summer of that year, a new offensive by the Italian, French, and British navies defeated the Habsburg and French-Algerian navies at the Battle of the Strait of Sicily. It broke the back of the German Mediterranean squadron. Without its protection from the fleets of the German-led coalition, the invasion of Sicily proved to be a simple matter.
Now in possession of the most important stepping stone to the liberation of Sardinia and North Africa, the Italian navy began preparations for the great crossing across the Mediterranean. They were met by hellfire, by a great destructive blast on the Sicilian port city of Trapani, a new cruel bomb utilized by the reactionary devils in North Africa in an attempt to stall the push of socialist forces. It was clear that the French nationalists, only in control of backwards colonies and desert sands, could not have developed such a miraculous curse… no, this was born in the laboratories of Germany and South Africa, and handed off to Algiers in secret. The Italian southern fleet was left in need of recovery and repair, slowing INFOR’s attempt to reach Africa.
The Adriatic fleet, although smaller, was able to engage in meaningful military action, assisting the socialist partisans of the Socialist Labour Party of Yugoslavia in their fight against the Ustanici of Ante Pavelic, perceived as a shared enemy by a people who had defeated his ally Balbo. The Dalmatian coast was liberated with the help of the Italian navy, chasing away those forces still loyal to the arch-reactionaries of Pavelic and the dying edifices of Teutonic imperialism. With the fall of Austria's all-important Italian and Slovenian ports, the remains of the K.u.K Kriegsmarine were seized, and there was nothing left to oppose the Adriatic fleet's shore bombardment operations.
At the same time, the Alps gradually fell to the liberating forces, who were increasingly being joined by workers’ militias, and aided by the endlessly compounding strikes and mutinies within the collapsing Habsburg empire. Skirting away from the rampaging Hungarian ultranationalists that saw neither the socialists nor the voynists as allies in their fight against the carcass of the Empire, the Italian first army group overwhelmed the last barriers before Vienna to link up with the revolutionaries and forces who had come to control most of Bohemia. Further to the South, Italian and Yugoslav forces would encounter the Russian-supported soldiers of the Serbian King Aleksandar, as the two Yugoslavias closed around the last above-ground strongholds of Pavelic. Though tense, the meeting was without bloodshed and some gestures of respect were traded. By the time this gesture of begrudging respect had been traded in 1946, the war was over in Europe, with the arch-reactionaries in Yugoslavia squelched and the German Empire finally defeated.
While fighting still continued in Africa, the political face of Italy changed back home. The workers’ councils which sprung up throughout the Mezzogiorno’s urban centres challenged the static regime of Togliatti and the trade unions which dominated the North, and the South’s far more radical mode of organizing was encouraged and embraced by the PCd’I (also called L’Ordine Nuovo after the paper they publish), at their head Antonio Gramsci and Amadeo Bordiga. Although old friends and allies of Togliatti, as staunch revolutionary Marxists they denounced his unchallenged rule in Italy, and remain some of his most fervent opponents.
Rather less revolutionary political figures have also risen to the forefront of Italian politics, such as the liberals and reformists who fled into the country following the ANI coup across the Po. At the head of these “liberal socialists” is Carlo Rosselli, the former opposition leader in the Italian Republic, who has since broken with the PSI, along with its right-wing of Romita, Matteotti, Saragat and Salvemini, and founded the Unitary Socialist Party (PSU; Partito Socialist Unitario).
In 1950, Palmiro Togliatti remains in power, having been President of the Republic for 24 years now. Though his grip appears to be tight to the outside eye, never has his power and the power of the bureaucratic edifice that undergirds him been weaker, as Gramsci and Bordiga continue to challenge him at every turn. While some are doubtful that he can continue on like this with the dawn of the cold war, and the ever-changing world around him, Il Migliore stays the course, facing betrayals, coalitions and splits head on, while at the same time ‘grooming’ what many see as his successor and ‘heir apparent’ in the young Enrico Berlinguer.


Buenos días, bom dia, bon dia and egun on, I’m Alguien and I’ll be telling you about the current lore setup for Iberia. Keep in mind this lore is subject to a future KR rework, so things may have to change in the future as I see fit. However, this lore is also constructed in a way that should endure any potential reworks. At least, in my opinion.
Spain in 1936 constituted an unpopular monarchist regime, that despite maintaining a semblance of stability to foreign observers, carried over a lot of internal tensions within the populace, the workers’ movement, and sectors of the military. Following Black Monday, Spain was forced to liberalize political life to contain its collapsing house of cards, under the direction of general-turned-Prime Minister Dámaso Berenguer. However, said liberalizing reforms were unsuccessful in containing the unrest, and after a Revolutionary General Strike called for May Day, chaos soon erupted. In a week, the regime lost control of the northern Atlantic coast, most of Andalusia, the Spanish Levant, Zaragoza, and the rural areas in the south Meseta. Madrid, Gibraltar, Galicia, most of Castilla y León as well as La Rioja remained loyal, however, as the different movements that attempted uprisings in those areas were crushed or contained. The aftermath of the insurrection left the country divided and approaching a state of war which would come to last for eight months. Dámaso Berenguer resigned and was followed by the hardliner José Sanjurjo.
Though the monarchists commanded most of the army, and as such initially had better equipment and discipline than the revolutionaries, they were lacking in morale. The especially demoralizing characteristics under which the revolt took place, along with the fact that France was able to cross the border and send large amounts of aid in the form of volunteers, equipment and military training spelt doom for the Kingdom. The Popular Front opted to consolidate the northern and southern fronts. At the same time, an offensive around the entire course of the Ebro was prepared, so as to connect the northern coast to the rest of the revolutionary nucleus. After its success, a gradual push towards Madrid occurred; one that would proceed until the 23rd of December, when white forces in the city either surrendered or fled towards Portugal.
The revolutionary forces, at first, constituted themselves as a Popular Front of Republican and Socialist forces, united against reaction and monarchism. As the war progressed, the capitalistic elements were gradually pushed out of political life. By the end of the war, only the revolutionary factions (PSOE, CNT, Partido Sindicalista (Ángel Pestañas’ splinter party originating from the moderate branch of CNT and the FAI)) and some opportunistic Left Republicans such as the likes of Marcelino Domingo, Álvaro de Albornoz and Eduardo Ortega y Gasset remained. The Radical Republicans of Diego Martínez Barrio were forced underground (and only survived due to Barrios’ connections within masonry), names such as Manuel Azaña, Alejandro Lerroux and Niceto Alcalá Zamora fled (arguably without much reason since their livelihood wasn’t endangered), and the opportunist general Queipo de Llano was imprisoned, but escaped and hid in the Sierra Nevada after fleeing there.
However, while the Republicans took control across the entire peninsula, they didn’t take over the entirety of what the Kingdom held. Spanish Morocco, and the Balearic and Canary Islands, all fell under the control of the Spanish Kingdom, and the military set up a provisional capital in the city of Ceuta, hoping to reconquer the Peninsula in the future with the help of their overseas allies. On that peninsula, an assortment of underground terrorist groups as well as the remainders of the Carlist Requeté, maintained a campaign of white terror, supported by Catholics in reactionary areas. They hoped to dethrone the atheist new republic and restore the newly-exiled monarchy. Additionally, the city of Olivenza was seized by Portugal under the premise of safeguarding it.
The CNT didn’t want to set a precedent of ‘statism’, and as such, even if CNT members like Federica Montseny joined the governing coalition and lent it their support, the trade union would not officially join the coalition. Thus, the ensuing government was formed by Francisco Largo Caballero as President of the Republic (a leftover position of the popular front days), and Indalecio Prieto as President of the Government. The new government of the Spanish Socialist Republic would not reach a high degree of centralization, however, as most power was held by the CNT and UGT trade unions, as well as others, minor and regional. Together they had organized a syndicalist revolutionary transformation, putting power in the hands of the unions. Workplaces were quickly collectivized, securing one of the goals of the Iberian leftist movement.
Another one of their goals was a definitive solution to the agrarian question and the end of the misery of the Iberian field labourer. This was quickly dealt with, as the lands owned by big landlords were collectivized in one fell sweep at the very beginning of the revolution, as many hectares of arable land in Andalusia, Castilla la Mancha and Aragón were seized. This collectivisation push would be hampered in areas where smaller, conservative landholder peasants were the dominant form of agrarian exploitation. At first, collectivisation prevailed in those areas where most of the land was cultivated by landless labourers who were kept in misery, but due to its limited scope a second collectivisation push which targeted petty peasants started soon after, and would continue for around a decade.
A popular initiative to draft a new constitution materialised within the trade unions and soon after a process, which was intended to take several years, began with the aim of democratically creating this new constitution with the full support of the population. The project began in early 1937 and was estimated to take a full four years to collect popular proposals before a solid revolutionary legal body was established. The future seemed bright and prosperous, that is, until Portugal attacked. The legal project was temporarily suspended, as Spain was yet again forced to wage war for its own sake, and the continued survival of the revolution.
It was a coordinated operation of the Entente. They wished to remove Spain from the equation and attack France from the rear, opening a new front to assist the Germans and retake their old homelands. These forces of reaction, spearheaded by Canada, managed to capture parts of western Spain and the entirety of Galicia, pushing the frontlines to the outskirts of Oviedo, Salamanca and Seville, but after several months their offensive stalled. The reasons for this development were simple: Canada was degenerating into civil conflict on its own turf and was unable to supply the Iberian front adequately. After these developments, Indalecio Prieto resigned, and let his factional ally Juan Negrín take over.
Negrín maintained a policy of “proletarian resistance” and encouraged trade unions to direct their activities towards supporting their war effort. Harsh measures were taken, and more than one strike flared out in response. Still, eventually, the Spanish proletariat understood the critical situation they were experiencing after witnessing their enemy conduct firebombings of working-class neighbourhoods and their navies mercilessly bombarding coastal towns. The faist (FAI-ist) tendency within the CNT lost support and influence due to their sectarianism, enhanced after recent events, so for the time being they were sidelined in favour of the moderates who had their more visible face in Ángel Pestaña. He was able to negotiate with Negrín to diminish factionalism on both sides and to defend the rights of workers in their now collectivized posts. Both figures agreed after this to maintain political stability, as any instability would be detrimental to the war effort and would be the cause of ultimate failure of the Spanish revolution.
With Portuguese industry negligible, and battle-hardened revolutionaries using the finest equipment France could spare, Spain was able to halt Portugal to a stalemate and slowly reverse their losses, even if the front remained static for a long time, as no side was able to gather the resources to start an offensive. It remained a war of attrition, which would strive to weaken the enemy as much as possible. With fresh French supply of weapons of high enough quality for the Spaniards to manufacture by themselves, they were able to counteract the destruction made by Arthur Harris’s bombing campaigns. Irregular formations, such as Asturian miner companies using explosives to infiltrate enemy camps, or Andalusian peasants wearing Mexican hats as part of their uniform to honour the agrarian revolutionary Pancho Villa, were commonplace during the war.
The war accelerated in 1944 as France’s challenge in the war effort grew increasingly easier, and Revolutionary Spain benefited from this. More French equipment was able to be dispatched to the front, and French forces were able to come back from the frontlines. British squadrons made it possible to repel Entente air dominance, and the Portuguese ranks were ripe with desertion, with numerous young, nascent revolutionaries switching sides and paving the way for a collapse of Portuguese manpower. From there Spain was able to reverse Entente gains in the remainder of the year, and enter Portugal proper in early 1945. On the 12th of June of said year, Portugal was forced out of the mainland by the might of the Spanish and Portuguese workers.
Spain, France and Britain then took part in naval campaigns across Macaronesia in order to free the several archipelagos that constitute it (Azores, Madeira, Canarias, Cape Verde), as not only were the exiled Portuguese there, but also the Spanish white remnant, which joined forces with the Entente in the war effort. While Macaronesia was being wrapped up, a referendum took place on the mainland, due to the initiative of the Socialist Iberists to unify Spain and Portugal into one country, a socialist Iberian Union. This referendum took place within Portugal, and the Union vote was successful due to the anti-nationalist sentiment that grew during the war and as a consequence of the harsh policies of the former Integralist dictatorship, where political rights were scarce. The economy had been ruined, as a direct result of Portugal having started a pointless war that led to their destruction, upholding an ancient alliance as per the 1373 treaty, a true medieval relic that cost them many lives. These events generated a general apathy towards Portuguese nationalism, and to the left it was all but discredited.
Shortly before the referendum took place, Francisco Largo Caballero passed away. Ángel Pestaña, who had risen to the position of President of the Government after Juan Negrín stepped down, decided to put himself forward to become the Provisional President of the Republic until an election could be arranged, letting Andreu Nin control the government, as he felt unqualified for maintaining proper government duty due to age. Both validated their positions in a democratic election, and as such agreed to 4 year mandates, maintaining their positions after the new Iberian Federation was established.
The Iberians had initially hoped to land in the Rif to apprehend war criminals of the likes of José Sanjurjo and Francisco Franco that had been stationed there, however the Revolutionary Military Council of INFOR prioritised an invasion of Algeria and Tunisia to finally end the French colonial regime. The invasion of Rif never happened, as while INFOR was conducting campaigns in the eastern Maghreb to finally displace the reactionary French and allow revolutionaries secure the area, the newly independent Kingdom of Morocco took the occasion to seize the old Spanish Protectorate themselves, in the process capturing Ceuta, Melilla, Tangier - along with many of the war criminals that INFOR had hoped to taken to trial. Later, Iberia collaborated to a lesser degree in the liberation of Senegambia and the establishment of the International Mandate of West Africa. At this point, the war was considered to have ended.
Ever since Iberia was proclaimed, preparations for a democratic constitution have been underway. Now, that time is closer than ever, and the broad front of communists and anarchists is eagerly waiting for their chance to influence the process.
Will Iberia hold together the union of proletarian forces, or will left unity fall apart? Will anarchism, communism, syndicalism, or even social democratic opportunism take its place in that case? What of the war criminals on Moroccan soil, will they be rightfully punished? Or will the King of Morocco side with them? What will happen to the still-underground reactionaries hiding in the mountains, and that cretin Queipo de Llano? All things aside, it is clear that the revolutionary transformation has not finalised, with the last obstacle before its realization being a constitution that is still to be drafted.
So that’s all for this Transmission! We’ll see you next time when we’ll be taking a look at three losers of the Second Great War…
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What if... One-club men lived forever

The year is 2017. Top scientists have finally cracked the ability to stop ageing, and the world rejoices. The discovery prompts an immediate FIFA investigation into exactly what this means for world football from now on. How will the careers come and go when every team can just preserve their best stars? How will the next Messi break through? The Qatar FA suggest restricting it to only Qatari players, a motion that's only narrowly defeated. In unrelated news, a bunch of mysterious Qatari bank accounts are seized the day before the vote. Eventually, a compromise is decided upon between. Only those players who’ve proven themselves to be in it for the sport, and their team, can use it. The players who have stuck with their team through thick and thin, who’ve turned down bigger money offers to stay where they are. One-Club Men. However, should their loyalty ever waiver, and they choose to leave, those players will lose their right to an everlasting career, and have to face the advance years once again. Who will remain loyal the longest? Who will ride out the lowest of lows to stay at their lifelong club?
Unfortunately for those of you hoping I’ve found a secret miracle, that’s just the best nonsense I could come up with to frame this scenario. In less dramatic terms, using FM 2017, I'm going to select 50 one-club men from the top 5 leagues and de-age them to around 22. Every 5 years I'll de-age them down to 22 again, unless they abandon their loyalty. I'll also be adjusting everyone's contract to expire in 2020 to make it equal, and undoing international retirements where necessary. Nothing overly complicated, but I’m expecting this one to run a long long time if I’m going to have everyone leave, so I’m good with it not being too complicated.
Reddit side note! It's me again. Some may remember my experiments from ages ago. I'm back and writing again, but as you can probably tell, with a new name and website. If you want to see this post with much better formatting, all the images, and everyone's profile at the end, go here to read it in full: link You can stay here if you prefer though!
So who actually qualifies for this? I've restricted it to players from the Top 5 leagues of England, Italy, Spain, Germany and France, and only included those that have been at their clubs the longest. As well as the genuine candidates like Messi and Totti, loaned out players like Lahm qualify, as do those like Iniesta who haven't left in FM 2017, and even those that have left in-game, but are known for their careers at one club. Buffon is a good example of the latter. I've included a link to an image with all 5 players here: link
With all this loyalty around, I wanted to mix it up a bit by adding in one final player. Someone completely opposite to everyone picked so far, the anti-one-club man, the journeyman of all journeymen. And after some research, I came up with the perfect candidate. Sebastián Abreu, a man who in his career has played at an impressive 29 different teams in 11 different countries, setting a Guinness world record along the way. Abreu will receive the same treatment as the loyal players, except it won’t stop when he moves team. I want him to move around more, spread his wings, see how many teams he can collect over an illustrious career.
That’s enough explaining for now. Should be pretty clear what’s going on, just a bunch of footballers never getting old. Time to get things rolling and see who eliminates themselves. Who can stick it out the longest, who will become THE one-club man?


With our younger one club men unleashed on the world, many of them attract instant attention from new clubs. For a while it stays quiet and looks like the first transfer window may pass without incident. Only a few loans crop up... until Javi López because the first man to fall. With Espanyol not meeting his standards, he makes a £2.4M trip down the coast to join Valencia. He proves to be the only summer casualty by the time the window slams shut.
January brings the winter window, and the Premier League clubs start to sniff around, ready to throw bags of cash at unsuspecting players. It doesn’t take long before the next two players are reeled in by money and lose their eternal youth. First Marcel Schmelzer in a £20.5M move to Liverpool, followed by Bruno joining moneybags Man City. By the end of the window, Nacho also heads to the north of England, joining rivals Man United. I’m not sure if any of them have realised how damn cold it is up there. That window swiftly ends, settling the bottom 4 finishers in the competition.
Returning to the world of actual football results briefly, and there aren’t many shocks to be seen. Man City finish 6th, Everton get relegated and Borussia Mönchengladbach reach the Champions League Semi-Finals. A few players see their team relegated, as Werder Bremen, Caen and Freiburg go down, so there could be a few casualties once that disappointment has set in. But all in all, the footballing world has coped just fine.
Loyal Players Remaining: 46
Abreu Club Count: 23 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: None


With everyone’s transfer budgets warmed up, it doesn’t take long for the action to get back underway. The previous season has barely finished before Chris Solly trades in his morals for a Premier League move to Norwich. Sergio Álvarez joins him in England, making the slightly odd move to Bournemouth before a big £52M move sees Koke trade loyalty for a big move to Man City. That’s the most surprising move so far, as I expected many of the players at top clubs to stick around. The final two transfers of the window take us to sunny Spain, where both Xabi Prieto and Mario become massive glory hunters, trading in their life long clubs for Atletico Madrid and Barcelona respectively. Javi López, having left Espanyol to join Valencia last year, immediately realises his mistake and rejoins Espanyol. It’s too little too late though, his status as a one-club man is already ruined.
The winter window comes and goes without even a hint of action, so things may already be starting to quieten down. Over in Brazil, Sebastián Abreu has his contract with Bangu come to an end after a good season but fails to attract any new suitors before the European season ends.
Around the world, things keep ticking on relatively normally. Watford take a surprising FA Cup win despite finishing rock bottom of the league, meaning they’ll have European nights alongside their Championship campaign. The loyalty of Seube, Höfler and Bargfrede is rewarded, as Caen, Bremen and Freiburg are immediately promoted back to the top tier. Las Palmas head in the opposite direction, which causes David García to hand in an immediate transfer request. The Spaniard could very well be the next player to go.
Loyal Players Remaining: 41
Abreu Club Count: 23 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: Watford (FA Cup)


My suggestion that things may be quietening down is immediately disproved by the biggest move so far. Bayern Munich legend Philipp Lahm makes a huge £82M transfer to Manchester City, throwing away all he’d built up at Bayern so far. But it doesn't end there, as 2 more huge transfers are finalised right after. First Claudio Marchisio drops Juventus, clearly not happy with them losing the title to AC Milan, and moves to Real Madrid. Then Daniele De Rossi trades in Roma for Barcelona. Whilst both have moved in real life, I didn’t expect either to fall so early in this, being icons at such huge clubs. A little later, David García makes his predicted move away from relegated Las Palmas, opting to stay in Spain with Osasuna. And then on the final day of the window, one last move. David Zurutuza decides the Premier League is more to his taste and joins Noble at West Ham. Javi López continues his tour of Spain, realising rejoining Espanyol doesn’t earn him back everlasting youth, and so heads to Sevilla instead. Currently, he’s moved around more than the specific journeyman player I chose to actually move around. Talking of, Abreu does find a new contract, heading back to Uruguay to join River Plate Montevideo.
The winter transfer window is again mostly quiet, with very little potential action. There are still some transfers though, as Robin Knoche becomes the 15th person out, heading to Borussia Dortmund. Then a legend moves on, as Iker Casillas decides that barely getting any game time behind Keylor Navas isn’t worth it, and so joins Monaco for a mere £11M. I guess you can't escape the real world after all.
The summer of 2018 means a World Cup, a tournament which regularly creates bizarre results in Football Manager. This year is no exception, as the likes of Italy, Belgium and Argentina fall in the group stages, before South Korea beat both Germany and France in the knockouts. The final between Brazil and Croatia proves 100% less heartbreaking than the real 2018 final for the Croatians, as they become champions of the world. In domestic football, Man United take all the English trophies on offer in a Quadruple, whilst Freiburg find themselves relegated yet again, as do Montpellier.
Loyal Players Remaining: 34
Abreu Club Count: 24 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: Croatia (World Cup)


Another season, another transfer window, another set of swirling rumours around our one-club men. Borussia Dortmund manage to steal away another of our competitors from a German rival, taking Timo Horn early in the window. Having been relegated yet again last season, Nicolas Höfler decides enough is enough and leaves Freiburg for Hertha Berlin. Over in Italy, and Chievo Legend Sergio Pellissier finally caves, leaving his relegation-threatened lifelong team for European battlers Fiorentina. But that's all the entertainment I can offer, no big signings this time around I’m afraid. Let's go see what Javi López is up to instead. His merry-go-round of clubs continues yet again, moving over to Deportivo de La Coruña in the latest of his ever-decreasing value of transfers.
January retains its typical bleak and dull atmosphere, with no sign of action whatsoever until the final day of the window. Hugo Mallo decides to try and add to his trophy cabinet and heads to Man United. Not the worst career move to throw away eternal life for considering their dominance right now. And with his departure, the total number of players that we've lost hits a nice round 20.
In the Premier League, Man United claim their 4th title in a row, exerting total dominance over everyone. But where one dominance rises, another falls, with Dortmund claiming the Bundesliga to knock Bayern off their perch. The shock of the season comes in the Coupe de France, where 3rd tier LB Châteauroux knock out Lyon, Auxerre and PSG before falling to Caen in the semi-finals. With Monaco having fallen to 4th tier SA Spinalien, Caen beat an easier opposition of RC Lens in the final, leading to Seube lifting the teams first-ever Coupe de France. Not bad for a player I expected to never lift a trophy. On a less joyous note, Höfler having left relegated Freiburg, sees his new team Hertha relegated immediately too. It seems there is no escaping the 2. Bundesliga!
On the record front, Gianluigi Buffon sets a huge benchmark, breaking the 200 cap mark for Italy. With no-one else close to him, he’ll stay the leader for a long time. Messi also breaks a boundary, climbing through 400 league goals during his career at Barcelona. Like Buffon, he’s way clear of any competitor, and unless a miracle happens that sees him abandon Barcelona, I can’t see anyone catching him soon.
Loyal Players Remaining: 30
Abreu Club Count: 24 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: Caen (Coupe de France)


2020 arrives, and with it, two important points arrive too. Firstly, everyone gets de-aged for the first time in this experiment. The 20 that have left get to watch from a distance thinking about what could have been. Second, the initial contracts are set to expire, so anyone that hasn’t re-signed will out the door. Which is exactly what happens to Víctor Valdés. Having barely appeared for Barcelona since his return, he leaves the club on a free and heads to the southern French coast to join Marseille. A day later and someone else leaves France, as Romain Danzé who decides one de-ageing is enough and moves to Schalke. Tony Hibbert also struggled for games at Everton despite his new youthful look, and so he walks out the door. He opts for Aston Villa, who to my great surprise have sunk to a mid-table League 1 team. Feeling left out, Spain joins in, with Oier Sanjurjo departing Osasuna and moving to Villarreal. The window is then capped by a bizarre final free transfer. Despite appearing regularly, Xavi isn’t offered a new contract by Barcelona. Man City can’t quite believe their luck and snap up the Spanish wizard a few days before the window shuts.
Winter brings with it just one transfer in its usual action-heavy way. Roberto Torres leaves Osasuna, making a £35.5M switch to Atletico. I’m not sure whether Atletico thought they were getting a different de-aged Torres because that can only be described as an overpayment. Either way, that means we've now lost over half the competitors.
Euro 2020 passes, and Croatia prove their World Cup victory was no fluke, becoming both champions of the World, and champions of Europe. On the Continental front, things have been fairly predictable so far, at least until this years Europa League. Hoffenheim escape a tough group and go all the way to win the entire thing. Not bad for a team that barely qualified in the first place. Oh, and Messi wins a little thing called the Ballon d’Or for the 10th time. I think he’s only just getting started.
Loyal Players Remaining: 24
Abreu Club Count: 24 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: Hoffenheim (Europa League)


The 21/22 season begins with two transfers on the first day. Loïc Perrin makes his way to the Premier League to join Leicester. But that's a minor splash compared to the other move, as after 768 appearances and 302 goals, Francesco Totti leaves Roma. It seems wrong to see it, but he’ll now be wearing a Man United kit. Dortmund continue their run of stealing loyalty, this time bringing Tony Jantschke into the fold. Another contract is run to the end, forcing Álex Bergantiños out of Deportivo without much choice, before being picked up by Cagliari. Mikel González opts to end his time at Real Sociedad, joining Pellissier over at Fiorentina. And as August comes to a close, it looks like Totti may be the only big departure. That is until Gianluigi Buffon decides to call time on his Juventus career. It’s an odd move, with the legend going sorta sideways from a regular starting Juventus spot to Bayern Munich. But there’s no going back now, as his 636 league appearance career with the Italians comes to a close. Two legends down in one window.
No season is complete without a single winter signing to warrant an entire separate paragraph, and this season is no different. Sergi Roberto moves away from Barcelona, in a £24M move to French giants PSG. A good way to guarantee yourself plenty of titles I guess. Abreu also makes a winter move, adding Guarani in the Brasilian second tier to his collection.
Roberto’s decision proves to be a good one, as PSG go on to claim their 10th one in a row. Not many surprises elsewhere, although Real Oviedo get close to pulling off a shock in the Copa del Rey. The second tier team beat Osasuna, Barcelona and Sevilla on the way to the final, but ultimately Real Madrid prove a step too far. Elsewhere everything is won by a team you’d probably expect. Exciting stuff.
Loyal Players Remaining: 17
Abreu Club Count: 25 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: None


With the pool of players rapidly decreasing, very few of the crew are even wanted by other clubs anymore. Perhaps deterred by their steadfast loyalty? A few moves do still happen though, so we’re not dead yet. Firstly Anthony Lopes gets fed up of PSG dominating his league and moves to AC Milan for a better shot at a trophy. It’s not long before that story is forgotten, as the biggest transfer fee in the competition so far is dropped. Andrés Iniesta is stolen away from Barcelona, in a huge £86M move to Man United. The midfield maestro fell 2 appearances short of 600 league games for Barcelona, but with his new £300K per-week contract it’s not hard to guess why. That proves to be all the action for the summer window, with no-one willing to top that huge move.
After half a season of hearing their noisy neighbours gloating about their star signing, Man City snap. And if there’s one thing City are good at, it’s splashing the cash. In probably the easiest negotiation over fee Barcelona has ever had, Sergio Busquets makes a £95M move to the sky blues. Yeh, that’ll show United. Once again no-one wants to get in the middle of the awkward Manchester squabble, and the winter transfer closes with a whimper.
The second World Cup of this experiment comes and goes. This time all the giants make it safely through the Group Stages, but it’s Africa that really excels. Morocco make the knockouts, Egypt battle through to the Quarter Finals, but Nigeria come out best. They beat South Korea and Argentina before falling valiantly to France in the Semi-Finals. A 1-0 victory of Italy does see them finish in an impressive 3rd place, becoming the first African team to finish in the top 3 of the World Cup. France win the title on penalties after a deceivingly action-filled 0-0 draw with Spain. The domestic scene follows that with a similar lack of real shocks. In the Carabao Cup, Bournemouth beat Arsenal, Chelsea and Man United on the way to lifting the trophy. But it’s the lesser Cup, so outside of Bournemouth no-one really cares. PSG finally have their grip on the Ligue 1 broken, as Casillas leads Monaco to a fantastic title. Otherwise, all the league titles and cups fall to teams you’d expect them too. Another thrilling year.
Loyal Players Remaining: 14
Abreu Club Count: 25 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: Bournemouth (Carabao Cup)


Literally nothing happens. Thomas Kessler decides that no team can ignore his existence for 20 seasons in a row and get away with it, leaving Köln to join Trabzonspor. So as I said, literally nothing happens. Even Javi López moving to yet another club would be more interesting than that.
The same applies to the footballing season. Asides from Casillas captaining Monaco to a Champions League title, or Atletico winning the title again, exactly 10 years after their last win, everything is frustratingly normal. And even those two events are hardly shocks.
Before I start to lose hope, there are a few interesting moves over the last few years from the losing group that are worth highlighting. First season mover Bruno didn’t make the impact he hoped and found himself moving to the lovely Stoke. Robin Knoche barely received any playtime at Dortmund and found himself cast out to Dinamo Zagreb. Even in League 1, Tony Hibbert could barely get any game time at Villa and so moved on the Scunthorpe in League 2. But the winner of the oddest move has to be Zurutuza, who somehow manage to pull off a move to Liverpool after West Ham found themselves relegated, only make a few disappointing performances, before being released on a free to join Al-Arabi in Qatar. Not quite the career he was anticipating when joining the Premier League I bet.
Loyal Players Remaining: 13
Abreu Club Count: 25 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: None


The summer transfer window arrives for another season, and with it finally comes a huge deal! Javi López has found yet another club! Hooray! As for actual competitors, absolutely no movement whatsoever. Even from Abreu, who’s been at Guarani for 2.5 years now. Manceau, Lewington and Seube complain to their managers about playing time or relegation, but none of them actually make a move anywhere. So our final 13 will add another 5 years onto their career length.
There are some fun statistics from our 51 worth mentioning at this point. Buffon leads the way with both total league appearances (935) and international caps (259). His caps are at a point where they’re too high for the game to display, as the value is stored as an unsigned 8-bit integer, and so has rolled over to just show 3. Most appearances for a single club goes to Dean Lewington however, who thanks to being a regular sits at 857 league appearances for the MK Dons (or 889 if you include Wimbledon). In the goals department, the winner is obvious. With almost 500 league goals, 100 international goals and 14 Ballon d’Or awards, Messi sits on top of everyone. On the international scene, he’s run close by Müller and the fast-approaching Kane, but for league goals, it’s not even close.
2024 brings with it a Euro tournament, which doesn’t provide much in the way of surprises, but brings with it some exciting high scoring matches. All ending in a 4-3 victory for a Thomas Müller led Germany over neighbours Netherlands. Which I’m sure went down very well. The domestic scene decides to spring a few shocks though. In Serie A, Roma claim an impressive title thanks to main striker Iheanacho, their first since 2001. The German and French cups provide surprise winners, in the form of Hertha Berlin and Dijon. Both cap an impressive run by beating their respective league winners, Bayern and Monaco. Even the continental tournaments turn up too. First Monaco cement their place as a top power in football by winning their second Champions League in a row. That coming a week after the best win there could possibly be. Tottenham win the Europa League! Screw the other stuff, that last part is all I need!
Loyal Players Remaining: 13
Abreu Club Count: 25 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: Dijon (Coupe de France), Hertha Berlin (DFB Pokal)

At this point though it’s fair to say that the competition results are more interesting than the movements of the players. Which is the perfect signal that things need to speed up a little bit. So from now on, updates will be every 5 years, which lines up perfectly with player age resets, letting us see who has made it to the next checkpoint.


Another round of de-ageing hits, and you’d think that would incite some interest in our final 13. Instead, it’s a ghost town. We do have an immediate dropout though, as Nicolas Seube finally gets fed up with his lack of playtime at Caen and heads for Panionios in Greece. A year later the situation is repeated. I’m not entirely sure what his unhappiness was about, but Iker Muniain decides he’s had enough of Athletic Club and moves to Hamburger SV. At least he left on exactly 100 goals for Athletic though, a nice round number. With 11 left, a standoff to reach the top 10 ensues. For 3 years no-one budges in their show of loyalty, until in 2029… Dean Lewington leaves for Derby County on a free. It’s a huge move, with Lewington becoming the first man to break through 1000 league appearances for a single club before leaving. But he’s moved on now, and it won’t be long before that record is broken. That move means we’re left with our final 10 contestants. Terry, Iraola, Messi, Susaeta, Noble, Jourdren, Müller, Kane, Manceau and Bargfrede have secured a top 10 spot, and now all that’s left to do is fight it out for number 1.
Over in Brazil, our anti-one-club man continues his journey, although it remains in Brazil for the moment. Only 2 clubs are added to his count, with a long stay at Atletico Goianiense followed by a £2M move to top tier Coritiba. I’m kind of hoping he starts to make enough waves in the Brazilian league to move to Europe and add some new countries to his history.
Those that fell before the first de-ageing are retiring, finishing off their magnificent, or in some cases very un-magnificent, careers (as losers). Javi López finishes his fine anti-loyalty tour around Spain with 7 transfers to his name. Schmelzer, Nacho, Solly, Álvarez, Koke, Mario, Prieto, Marchisio, De Rossi, David García, Zurutuza, Knoche, Höfler, Pellissier, Mallo, Horn and Hibbert end their careers. Many, such as Nacho, Horn and De Rossi stay just as committed to their new clubs as they did their old, finishing out their careers after just a single transfer. Of the pensioners, Sergio Pellissier manages to rack up the most career league appearances and goals, at 894 and 246, although that’s largely thanks to a huge head start. De Rossi dominates on the international scene, earning a whopping 197 caps over his 30-year career. Naturally, all those records will be blown out the water once the next group start retiring, but it’s nice to have some benchmarks.
Around the world, plenty has gone on worth hearing about. The Netherlands claim their first-ever World Cup win, beating Brazil in the final, whilst in the Euro’s Germany win their second tournament in a row. The Gold Cup throws up a few interesting results too, as first, the Mexico B team win it, with their A team tied up in the Confederations Cup. Then 4 years later Canada take the title, only the second time in their history. Over in Italy, Lazio find themselves relegated as the league starts to shake itself up a bit. But other than that, domestic football remains relatively unspectacular. Oh except… TOTTENHAM WINNING THE LEAGUE. Didn’t even have to reset it and we won it before Arsenal did. North London is very much Lilywhite now, suck it Gooners!
Loyal Players Remaining: 10
Abreu Club Count: 27 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: Tottenham (Premier League)


Another 5 years pass and to start with it looks like the top 10 are going to hold firm. Eventually though, the temptation of money proves too much for one man. That man is Geoffrey Jourdren who trades in his starting slot at Montpellier for a cosy backup contract at PSG. Then comes… dead silence. Not even a rumour, or an unhappy player. No-one even hints at leaving for the next 4 years, which means we end the period with nine players on the books. The real waiting game has begun. Even our journeyman Abreu is moving in a very slow way, as a five year Coritiba stint finishes with a free transfer to Red Bull Brasil. I think my hopes for a European move have died.
At least there are a lot of retirements to run through. Bruno, Lahm, Casillas, Valdés, Danzé, Oier, Xavi, Torres, Perrin, Jantschke, Bergantiños, González, Roberto, Iniesta and Busquets hang up their playing boots. That does leave us without some noted legends, with Lahm, Casillas, Iniesta and Busquets reaching 200 caps for their country. You’d think Spain would have won more with that golden generation. Casillas and Xavi also both hit 1000 league appearances thanks to a strong head start before the experiment. But it’s Andrés Iniesta who is the most loyal of the bunch, racking up nearly 600 appearances for his original club before departing.
Five years leaves plenty of time for interesting results once again. England take a World Cup win, which is always a sign of the apocalypse, only made more bizarre by Scotland making the semi-finals in the same competition. Portugal take the other title in that period, whilst the Euros also see a surprise winner in Switzerland. France provides the biggest shock at club level, as Lille come from nowhere to win Ligue 1, and then immediately revert back to mid-table once again. Otherwise, the time belongs to Manchester City. The oil bar… sky blues take 4 out of 5 titles in both the Premier League and Champions League, with all that cash flinging finally paying off.
Loyal Players Remaining: 9
Abreu Club Count: 28 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: England (World Cup), Lille (Ligue 1)


With just nine players left, once again we get a transfer fairly early on in the period. Early as in the first transfer window, which makes me wonder why they waited so long. Anyway, Mark Noble has had his patience tested by West Ham’s yoyoing between the Premier League and Championship a bit too much and finally caves. He makes a £20M move to Burnley, who… are doing the exact same thing. Not sure that was the brightest idea. Like the previous 5 years though, one transfer is all we get. None of the others move, despite some pretty heavy unhappiness from Bargfrede and Manceau. Abreu keeps up his trail, running out his contract with Red Bull Brasil and opting for Chapecoense to reach 29 clubs in his career.
With very few moving recently, that also means less and less are retiring, as just 7 ex-competitors leave the game. Totti, Buffon, Lopes, Kessler, Seube, Muniain and Lewington call time on their football life. The fact they all stuck with it for so long means there’s so impressive stats between them. Totti racked up 1154 league appearances, with 768 at Roma. Dean Lewington, after leaving MK Dons with 1003 appearances finished with a total of 1287. Italian legend Gianluigi Buffon finished with a whopping 1307 league appearances, but perhaps more impressively, 334 international caps. But the single most surprising statistic goes to Thomas Kessler. Despite barely playing in Germany he manages to notch a grand total of 7 goals after his move to Turkey. Maybe if he’d been a striker he’d have actually played at Koln. Oh and Seube ends his career Greek. Because why not.
As per every time, a quick look around the world’s results is needed. Spain win back the World Cup titles, whilst Italy take a Euro win. Argentina, Mexico and Australia claim all their continents international trophies in the window, so no massive surprises there. The domestic world isn’t exactly littered with shocks either. Brescia win a Coppa Italia, and Nîmes Olympique grab 4 top 5 finishes in a row in France, but there’s not really much to shout about. I think it’s best to just get on with the next de-ageing.
Loyal Players Remaining: 8
Abreu Club Count: 29 clubs in 10 countries
Odd Winners: Brescia (Coppa Italia)


Down to 8 now, so it’s getting tougher. And a lot slower, so slow in fact that not a single transfer in our group happens in five years. For a moment I was excited to see Manceau at Recreativo de Huelva, but that was just a loan. So I was back to being crushed. On the plus side, Abreu makes some huge steps. He adds not just 1, but 2 new countries to his history! The first is Portugal, in a huge step up to join Braga. As usual, it’s just until his contract ends, before he moves on to Frankfurt in the Bundesliga. He’s hardly setting Europe alight but I don’t care, he’s actually moving!
There’s only one retiree to talk about too, as pretty much everyone has already gone. Geoffrey Jourdren finishes up with 925 total league appearances. It probably could have been a bit more, if he’d not spent 10 years of his career being a backup at PSG and Bayern. On a far more interesting note, Terry breaks through 1500 career league appearances. Kane also hits 256 international goals, which results in the number resetting to 0 just like caps. So the game has him on 96 caps with 11 goals, when the actual numbers are a stunning 352 caps with 267 goals.
Having seen my disappointment last time around, the world decides to liven things up. Denmark become both Champions of the World and Champions of Europe in 2042 and 2040, although they lose the European title to Germany 4 years later. At the continental level, the Champions League stays on track, but the Europa League brings some bizarre winners into the mix. Nîmes Olympique, Real Sociedad, Leicester and Bristol City all win a trophy. It seems Mark Noble finally made a right move transferring to Bristol City, as the club is now a strong top 6 Premier League side. Manceau wins a Coupe de France at Angers, but it’s still Nîmes making waves, forming a big three with PSG and Monaco. It may not be long before either Nîmes or Bristol City win their league, which is not something I expected to be saying.
Loyal Players Remaining: 8
Abreu Club Count: 31 clubs in 12 countries
Odd Winners: Nîmes Olympique/Bristol City (Europa League), Angers (Coupe de France)


2045 kicks off and once again Manceau deceives me. This time it’s a loan spell in Denmark with Brøndby that had me thinking he was gone. Well you know what they say, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice… I’m probably gonna fall for it. It looks like there’s going to be no moves whatsoever once again, until June 2047 arrives and I notice a contract is set to expire. Imagine my shock when Lionel Messi is not offered a contract by Barcelona and is let go. It’s made doubly worse by the fact that of all teams to pick him up, it's Atletico Madrid. Apparently, 37 Ballon d’Or awards aren’t good enough for Barcelona anymore. I don’t even care that nothing else happens. That’s enough to stun me.
Over in the retirement home, Mark Noble moves into a room. After an up and down career, the Englishman did manage some silverware with Bristol City and ended his career with 1317 league appearances. He even earned not just 1, but 90 England caps across his 44-year career.
Around the world, interesting results are still cropping up. England grab their third World Cup win beating Colombia, whilst Honduras win their first-ever Gold Cup. Much to my bitter disappointment, Arsenal win 4 of the 5 Champions Leagues on offer, as well as 3 Premier League titles. Chelsea have a period of bottom 10 finishes which deeply upsets Terry, whilst over in France, Chamois Niortais begin to try and join the top 3. Don’t worry I’ve never heard of them either.
Loyal Players Remaining: 7
Abreu Club Count: 32 clubs in 12 countries
Odd Winners: Honduras (Gold Cup)


With the world still reeling at the fact the Messi has moved from Barcelona, everyone kinda forgets to make any moves. In fact, Messi is the first person to move yet again, leaving Atletico in a very cheap 34.5M move to Man City. Which is more in line with where I originally expected him to go. Abreu finishes one contract, at Hapoel Be’er Sheva, and moves onto the next, but it’s with Monterrey so doesn’t count. Sebastian, it has to be new clubs. John Terry is starting to get frustrated with a Chelsea team that has really fallen from grace. The Londoners barely survive relegation in 2052/53, so Terry may be the next to go. Or maybe I know nothing and it’s completely random.
No-one retires this year, so let’s take a brief look at some statistics of our remaining 7 + Messi. All our players have now reached 1000 appearances, with Bargfrede in last at 1173. Messi has crossed 1000 league goals, now a full 300 clear of the chasing pack of Abreu and Kane. On the international level, Thomas Müller becomes the first player to need a rollover of caps twice, moving on to a massive 524 international caps. But it’s Kane who still leads the international goal stat, nearly breaking 350, a full 50 ahead of the German.
Müller does, however, grab a World Cup win for Germany so I’m sure he won’t be too upset. At least until they’re deposed by Holland 4 years later. On the continental level, Bristol City win another Europa League title beating previous champions Espanyol. Middlesbrough also nearly earn a trophy, having joined Bristol as a top 6 team. But the winner of the biggest shock, although I did say this might happen, goes to Chamois Niortais, who topple the dominance of PSG and Monaco to capture a miraculous Ligue 1 title in the last season of the period.
Loyal Players Remaining: 7
Abreu Club Count: 32 clubs in 12 countries
Odd Winners: Chamois Niortais (Ligue 1), Bristol City/Espanyol (Europa League)


The summer window of 2055 opens and as I warned may happen, there’s an almost immediate transfer. Fed up with Chelsea’s mediocre finishes, John Terry decides to move on. Unfortunately for Chelsea fans, Arsenal is his next club, which I’m sure will cause a few shudders. A year later and another move comes around, once again due to unhappiness over the club’s performance. Surprisingly it's Thomas Müller,who's annoyed by the fact that Bayern haven’t won a Bundesliga title since 2048, and so runs down his contract. Leverkusen almost earn his signature, but eventually its the glory of PSG that proves too much to resist. But we’re not done there! Another player runs down their contract, opting to move to Vitoria de Setubal in Portugal. Vincent Manceau finally makes a real move rather than constantly faking me out. So with another 3 players down, we’re left with our final 4. The race for the top 3 is hotting up now!
We do have a retirement this time thanks to the transfer window livening up. The world's best-ever player, Lionel Messi, retires from football. He ends up on a total of 1858 league appearances, scoring a massive 1068 goals in this time. 1430 appearances and 895 goals of those belonging to his 45-year career at Barcelona. On the international scene, he earned an impressive 505 caps and 276 goals. But it’s the awards where he shines. 279 individual awards, 82 team titles, 22 league titles, 6 Champions League titles, 45 Ballon d’Or awards. What makes it even crazier is 41 of those Ballon d’Or awards were in a row, as he earned every single one from 2015 to 2056. I don’t think I’ll see another player like that crop up in any save, truly the world’s best player.
Looking out on the world, I can say that it’s a Chamois Niortais player that breaks Messi’s streak, as the French team claim another two Ligue 1 titles. It’s hard to say they’re a “surprise winner” at this point. Bristol City finally make the full step up to join the big guns, winning 3 Carabao Cups, 1 FA Cup, 2 Premier League titles and even a Champions League trophy. If any Bristol City fans want this save to give themselves hope over the future, I can send it over. Internationally it's the era of Portugal, as they claim both the Euro and World Cup trophies.
Loyal Players Remaining: 4
Abreu Club Count: 32 clubs in 12 countries
Odd Winners: Bristol City (Premier League/Champions League), Lyon (Relegation)

With so few players left, now is probably a good time to speed it up once again. The final four will be tough to budge, so how about we move to 10-year intervals to try and cut down on dead years. And I'll be moving to the comments, because I've hit reddits character limit.
submitted by whatif_gaming to footballmanagergames [link] [comments]

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